The Northeast Texas Teacher’s Federal Credit Union offers the following services at both of our branches:

MasterCard Credit Card

A credit card from Northeast Texas Teachers Federal Credit Union is the convenient and affordable way to make your shopping, entertainment and travel purchases. Discover the true rewards of a low rate and no hidden fees or service charges.

When you use your Credit Card you’ll enjoy:

  • A terrific annual percentage rate
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • No annual fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Generous credit line
  • Low minimum payment
  • Convenience of cash advances through ATMs worldwide
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Balance transfer opportunity (transfer balances of high-interest cards to our low-interest card)

Finding a credit card with the value and benefits you’re looking for is easy.  Just look to Northeast Texas Teachers Federal Credit Union today!

MasterCard Debit Card

Today there’s an easier way to pay . . . the MasterCard Debit Card.  Use it for gas and groceries, dining and entertainment, shopping and more.  When you use your MasterCard Debit Card, funds are automatically deducted from your share draft (checking) account.  With a MasterCard Debit Card from Northeast Texas Teachers Federal Credit Union you get all these benefits:

  • Easy to Use – Use your MasterCard Debit Card wherever you shop or need cash, to have funds deducted directly from your checking account
  • Everyday Convenience – Carry just one card instead of checks or cash.
  • Ideal for Home Shopping – Order merchandise or services easily by phone or mail – without building a credit balance
  • Makes Budgeting Easier – Know where your money goes – each transaction is itemized on your monthly statement
  • Saves Money – You pay no annual fee or interest
  • Worldwide Acceptance – Use it wherever you use Mastercard

Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen please contact us immediately at 1-800-599-7889.  We will assist you in replacing your card and deactivating your missing card.